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Leaders’ Ego Traps Cause Their Downfall

Who could have thought ten years ago that Nokia and BlackBerry would become a thing of the past? Organisations cease to exist or diminish their impact when their leaders are inflexible and egotistical. History is rife with such stories about leaders who were egotistic; rarely they were able to… Continue Reading

Islamabad Civic Innovation Lab (ICIL)

From October to December, ICIL leads held around ten internal meetings and were involved in following activities and projects:
The Know Your Rights (KYR) campaign is a civic awareness initiative launched by the Islamabad Civic Innovation Lab (ICIL) that aims to educate Pakistani citizens about their fundamental rights as per… Continue Reading

Sheba Najmi, Redefining The Tech. Landscape Through Code for Pakistan

Pakistani Women of Inspiration is a series of blog posts initiated by OPEN Islamabad to recognize and celebrate contributions and achievements of Pakistani women professionals and entrepreneurs, across the globe. By sharing these stimulating stories we are not only intending to showcase their work and accomplishments, but also hoping… Continue Reading

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OPEN is a collaboration of entrepreneurs and professionals who help each other to achieve their professional goals, OPEN provides assistance with execution, strategic thinking and skills development. So far our various chapters have helped many young professionals into becoming seasoned leaders and have helped advance their careers.

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