It is lonely at the top. No one knows that better than a CEO.

It is a major leap of faith to start one’s own shop. Many, through grit, toil, blood and sweat, get their baby on its feet. There are others who take reins of an established set up with potential of going to the next level.

Far too often, these organizations, and their leaders, get stalled or complacent. They stop growing. Both types of organizational leaders need help in taking themselves and their organizations to the next level. We believe that while fair bit of wisdom, support and help is available for someone starting on their entrepreneurial journey, the same is not true for a CEO wishing to take her organization to the next level. Getting a stable start up to the next level of growth is another entrepreneurial journey but one requiring a different set of expertise and counseling.

That is where our CEO Coaching programs comes in. It is for you, the organizational leaders who have somewhat established concerns and looking for the share of expertise, mentoring and guidance for the next level.

Once you enroll, we pair you with a mentor and coach, someone who has taken that journey. He or she will develop a 1-1 relationship with you to help you with what you need. The relationship will be customized to your needs for a time period that both of you define.

As Mary Jane says in Spiderman “Everybody needs help sometimes. Even Spiderman”.

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